24/7 Pattaya Outcall Massage

Feeling stressed after a hard day’s work? Feeling rough after as hard night in the town? Or do you just want to relax and have a massage in hotel room?

ONE CALL TO "Pattaya Outcall Massage" DOES IT ALL! Yes, your call will bring a lovely massage lady to your door in a blink. Satisfaction guaranteed!

For booking outcall massage in Pattaya:
Call on phone: 087-MASSAGE
or: +66 (0)87 627 7243 (WhatsApp available)
Line ID: Pattayaoutcall
WeChat: Pattayaoutcall

Outcall Massage in Pattaya

Massage In Hotel Room

Pattaya Outcall Massage in Pattaya is a beautiful, simple idea with special needs in mind. At Pattaya Outcall Massage in Pattaya your lovely massage lady will be her own basket of treats including oils, powders and scents. Every stunning lady is trained to offer a first class memorable massage to make you feel totally relaxed in the privacy and comfort of your room.  

This outcall service is up and running day and night since march of 2015 and many many satisfied customers has been using our service. 

How does it works:

1. Call the hotline +66 (0)87 627 7243. An operator will pick up the phone and you just say the magic words "I want massage in my room in Pattaya". 

2. Tell the operator how many lady and how many hours you would like to order. * If you dont know what lady you want to book, just tell the operator what you wish. She will send your lady who meets your desires.

3. The operator will ask you the information we need for the booking. (e.g. hotel name, hotel room number / floor.)

4. Just relax and sit back. Your massage lady is on her way.

Full Body Oil Massage

The Oil Massage is a special experience. It never should be a once in a lifetime experience. It should, where possible, be a daily treat. The Oil Massage is not only relaxing and rejuvenating but also an effective therapy for the treatment of mood and feeling. It also help to empower all parts of the body after a massage to lossen up tight muscles. Your body goes into a relaxation. The blood circulation will be stimulated to pump. The feeling spreads to all parts of the body, when the energy can flow more freely.

The lovely masseuse at Pattaya Outcall want you to enjoy the best experience of oil massage in hotel. Our advice is to have a session of 90 minutes. You certainly will not regret it.

No Transportation fee of any kind

There is no transportation fee of any kind within the Pattaya area..even if you're located in north in Naklua or south in Jomtien. Plus you can conveniently make your massage appointment in advance. Simply call the hotline or send us an e-mail and specify the date and time you prefer. Your massage girl will be at your door at the time you requested.