Rates & Info

Massage Rates

Any questions about the rates or services can send to info@pattayamassageservices.com. The operator will answer your e-mail as soon as possible.

Booking information:

1.    Please note that the rates are NOT negotiable.

2.    Payment should be done to the lady when she arrives in your room or house before the service is given.

3.    Payments are to be made in cash and Thai Baht only.

4.    If the booking is cancelled for any reason and the lady already arrived, we have to charge price of your booking..

5.    For the safety of our ladies there can only be one person in the room or house.

6.    If any problems occurs between you and the lady please call (087 627 7243) the operator in the office whilst the lady is still with you in the room. We can deal with the problem immediately.

    7.   We take booking from 10AM untill 3AM every day but we can send a massagegirl to your location any time you want. If you want a massage girl           between 3AM - 10AM, we strongly recommend you to book in advance within the bookinghours and the massage girl will be at your location at the specified           time.